Friday, July 20, 2007

The God of the Gate, continued

The next bit of The God of the Gate


 On the morning of the fourth day, Tang Tai Zong and his officials came to the gate.  On seeing the images, they expressed their amazement at the likeness to the two men.  It was as if the two warriors stood there in the flesh.

On the image of Qin Shu Bao was placed armour with the appearance of a tiger.  In its two hands, it grasped a long key, and across its midsection it wore a bow and arrows.

The figure of Yu Chi Gong wore lion-like armour, and in its hands it did not carry a spear or iron weapon.  His face was not like Qin Shu Bao’s, fair and of a delicate sort of beauty.  Instead, his face was red and black, with eyes glaring wide as copper coins.  The fierceness of these godlike images caused real fear in the spirit of the headless River God.  He did not dare return to disturb Tang Tai Zong’s sleep again.

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